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We have worked with many of  the talents as well as the bands that are in demand today. We take great pride in working with, and bringing forth the talents of today as well as the near future . Our relationships have been formed off years of friendship and working together to meet their goals. It is our goal to meet our talents needs as well as our venues.  

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We take pride in providing the best events  in our area. We do our best to ensure that your event will be as stress-free as possible. Our events are  well organized. So rest assured that you will be a part of one of the best teams in this industry.

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When we're not hosting our own events. We are booking events and parties for clients as well as working promoting within our team and net work of promoters. Costantly negotiating as well as scheduling the future can be plenty. For us it is just the start.  Music has no bondries and the beat  must never stop. 

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Booking, Promoting, marketing, and management. 

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After a fantastic 2018 we are excited for 2019. First is our series of interactive live Face Book shows with special guests from the music industry.  We will be staying off the live concerts in general in the northern states thru March. This is to avoid the let down of canceled shows do to travel conditions of deserve weather.. Therefore when we kick off the live shows this year, you will get some great ones as in the past.

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While other are about their Checkers we have stayed with the Chess mentality.  

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We are having our first live interactive show on Face Book January the 10th at 8 P.M.  This will be our first or premier show.

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